About us

The dream to support community-based health care was born following a visit to Kenya in 2003. AIDS was decimating families and communities. There was hardly any family that was not affected by this disease and related illnesses. The sense of devastation was evident. The strain on the usually meager family and community resources was obvious, other chronic diseases complicated a strained health care system in many communities. We resolved that we had to make the effort to address this  in any way we can.

Health care facilities are usually long distances away from those that really need health care. Even where they may not be far they are not adequately equipped or staffed as such not always effective without some help. Lack of medication, Medical personnel and supplies is a well-reported, prevalent perrenial problem even with the best  intentions by local authorities.

We are a not for profit organization 501 (c) 3 status founded by U.S. based professionals in healthcare with the goal of supporting health care initiatives among needy communities in Kenya